Oklahoma Motorcycle Insurance Coverage

Motorcycle Insurance

Motorcycle Insurance

At the Copeland Agency LLC in the “Sooner” state (Oklahoma) we always want you to maintain your brand of cool. What better way to be cool than when you’re driving your gorgeous bike with adequate, tailor-made insurance?

Prior to getting out on the beautiful highways and byways that comprise our 69,960 square miles Oklahomans, you want to make certain you are insured against what may happen out there.

Get in contact with us, so we can help you enjoy the open road responsibly.

Prior to having the ability to drive your motorcycle in the state of Oklahoma you have to apply for a motorcycle endorsement. This process includes receiving an “M“ endorsement on your driver license. In order to receive the endorsement, you have to appear at the Department of Motor Vehicles and take several examinations including a driving test.

If you have attended an approved motorcycle school in the state of Oklahoma or have completed a motorcycle safety foundation course, the writing and drivers test may be waived. For 30 days, the prospective motorcycle operator will have to have their driving restricted. For these 30 days the applicant who must be at least 21 years of age, must have a qualified motorcycle operator view their rides. Therefore speaking with a professional insurance agent who is well-versed in motorcycle rules and regulations of the state is imperative.

We all stay safe on the road.

Once all of the criteria has been met insurance rates may change as the motorcycle operator gained full rights on the road. These regulations help ensure that motorcycle operators are trying to maintain safety on the road.

Copeland Agency LLC provides Insurance services throughout Oklahoma. Motorcycle Insurance is just one of the many products we provide at our offices. Come in or call us today to find out how we can help you get the insurance protection you need.

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