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Use our quick and easy “Game of Life” tool to help you determine how much life insurance is appropriate for your family!  

1. Take out something to write on.
2. Spell out the letters of LIFE vertically: 
            I -
           E -
 3. Beside each letter, write out the amount of money you would want to provide your loved ones in each scenario: 
           LLoans & Debt Payoff (ie.  $15,000 for car, $100,000 for home)

Income- We recommend that you leave at least 3x your annual income for your family.    Some experts recommend up to 10 years of annual income to keep your family protected. (ie. $50,000 annual income x 3 = $150,000)

FFuneral Expenses (ie. $15,000 or more)

EEducation & Everything else – If you have children and plan to pay for their college tuition, plan for enough life insurance.  The average college education costs about $100,000.  "Everything else" may include leaving money for a charity, or anything else you wish for your money to do.  (ie. 2 kids x $100,000 = $200,000)

 4.  After filling out your Life sheet, total up your figures to determine how much life insurance you should carry.  Then go to our online life insurance rater to find the right coverage at the right price for you!  You may also contact Copeland Agency to set up a life appointment with a licensed agent to discuss your specific needs. 
Life Insurance is very affordable.  Copeland Agency can write your life insurance with several different A+ rated companies to insure you are receiving the most for your money.  Get Your FREE Life Insurance Quotes Now!

For more information about life insurance in Oklahoma, please call Copeland Agency directly.  405-737-6231

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