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In this time of economic upheaval annuities are emerging as the new darlings of the investment world. It’s easy to understand why investors are finally beginning to embrace this flexible and reassuring product. READ MORE >>

Tornados are a way of life for families living in “tornado alley” and though they are more common in the central US states, a tornado can occur almost anywhere, including large cities. To protect your home and family from tornados you’ll need to be educated on the warning signs and when to take cover. READ MORE >>

Smoke alarms offer one of the most basic and least expensive tools you can find to help keep your family safe. According to the Consumer Protection Safety Commission, about 66 percent of fire deaths occur in homes that have either no smoke alarm or one that doesn’t work. Sadly, this is an easy enough situation to fix. READ MORE >>

Rental Insurance—Not Just for Apartments Rental insurance is often considered the right kind of insurance to have when you live in a multi-unit apartment building or complex—and that’s because it is. READ MORE >>

The internet is an invaluable source of information and it is great for consumers who are interested in keeping their family safe. It can be overwhelming to try and figure out which sources actually know what they are talking about. READ MORE >>

Just as your state has minimum insurance requirements for the automobiles you drive, you also have a responsibility to obtain coverage on mopeds and motorcycles as well. Motorcycle and moped drivers are required, at minimum, to secure the following coverages: READ MORE >>

Oklahoma is known for its severe weather and a Home Inventory List is vital to all Oklahoma families. There are many ways to create a Home Inventory List.The Oklahoma Insurance Department has found many resources available for you to create this list. READ MORE >>

Roadside assistance plans offer a very valuable form of protection. Rather than being stranded with car problems on the side of a desolate road for however long it takes for another vehicle to drive by, you can call and have a tow truck at your service within an hour. READ MORE >>

School is almost back in session and many high school and college students will be driving more as they commute to and from school, which makes now a good time to remind your student driver about safe driving practices.  READ MORE >>

Uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage (referred to as UM or UIM, respectively), is a unique form of auto insurance. It gives drivers an added opportunity to protect themselves from “out there”—specifically, all those people driving with little or no auto liability insurance. READ MORE >>

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